MESSTIVAL... it's going to make you puke.



Messtival is a festival organized by TBA Collective and was birthed from the ashes of MessFest- a series of house parties in Moncton. After nine years it has become a cult favourite in the Maritimes' festival scene. We have a unique approach to advertising that harnesses the power of sarcasm as a method to weed out people that take themselves too seriously; if you're willing to accept a festival advertising that you'll have a terrible time and most likely die at face value then you probably won't understand what makes Messtival great and should likely stay home. At some point the cultural zeitgeist had decided moustaches were funny and so moustaches became part of our advertising and never really stopped even though they aren't really very funny any more. Messtival hosts world class artists and musical acts in an intimate setting and tickets are limited to only 500 for each iteration.