Behold our lineup in all it's glory. What's that? You don't think it's all that glorious? That's very Roode of you... Also, let's see your lineup, hotshot!

This year we have four stages- the main stage at Moustache County, the late night stage Loserville (Luchaville), the Wrestling Ring where IHW wrestlers will compete to be crowned the first and possibly last Messtival champion and finally we have the Live (f)Art stage where live artists paint stuff for you to look at with your eyeballs.




Moustache County


Grand Theft Bus

Grand Theft Bus arose from the cold musical landscape of the East Coast of Canada after an impromptu performance in 2000. Fuelled by the chemistry found that night, GTB dedicated themselves to creating boundary free original music. Eight years in, with their creative juices still fresh on tap and morale at an all time high, the future looks bright and exciting for Grand Theft Bus.

Scientists of Sound.jpg

Scientists of sound

Scientists of Sound's signature anthemic electro sound unites raging guitar hooks with heavy club grooves and epic gang vocal melodies. Combining hard hitting beats and the frantic energy of a rock band with something to prove at every show, an SOS set leaves the audience feeling like they just climbed a fucking mountain. 



With infectious and captivating lyrics, reinforced by a commanding groove, Slowcoaster takes you on a ride to the heart of the party with no apologies. Throwing down their high-energy danceable tunes, the Cape Breton trio fuses ska, reggae, hip hop, and classic house influences with their unique brand of funky rock and roll. Having spent the past ten years infiltrating the Canadian live music scene, Slowcoaster has firmly established themselves as one of the country’s most popular jam rock bands. 

My Son the Hurricane.jpg

My Son the Hurricane

My Son the Hurricane is a 14-piece brasshop funk beast with the mantra: anything worth doing is worth overdoing.  Hailing from Niagara/Toronto, the band mixes New Orleans style grooves with funk, jazz and hiphop.  Driving the show, charismatic frontman Jacob Bergsma “can playfully pluck every nerve in your body with his voice” (Earshot), while the well-oiled rhythm section including 2 trombones, sousaphone, 2 trumpets and 2 saxes creates a spectacle of sound.  With this lineup, My Son the Hurricane “stood out like a sore, yet extremely talented thumb at every show they’ve played” (Pulse Niagara), and became revered for their live show. 

Menoncle Jason.jpg

Menoncle JAson

Originaire de Memramcook, agé de 24 ans, Jason LeBlanc est un multi-instrumentaliste, chanteur et compositeur constamment en création. En plus d’être membre du groupe rock acadien Les Jeunes d’Asteure, il crée un projet solo déjà connu sous le nom de Menoncle Jason.

Après avoir participé à quelques spectacles, il entreprend l’enregistrement, le mixage et le matriçage de l’album Menoncle. Musicalement, il s’est inspiré du country et du jazz américain, tandis que ses textes sont une réflexion d’expériences personnelles ainsi que les discours des gens qui l’entour.

Avec une touche d’humour, Menoncle Jason cherche à mettre en perspective la réalité de la vie en campagne d’ici comme ailleurs.

Menoncle Jason.jpg

dub kartel

Dub Kartel is a band that plays music and stuff... stop looking at me.


Earthbound trio

At first glance, the ECMA and Music NB award nominated band Earthbound Trio, resembles a traditional acoustic trio, but these three talented musicians blend elements of folk, funk, reggae, and rock with clever effects and engineering to create a wave of sound you would never expect from the acoustic instruments on stage. Building layer by layer, you’ll find yourself engulfed in a sound scape of grooving melodies with soulful, intriguing lyrics. Lend them your ears, your feet, and your mind, and they'll take you on a musical journey that will resonate in your thoughts and fill you with energy.



Nebullama spreads the love.


the galpines

This foot-stompin’, harmony-centric, hyphen-lovin’, all-female comedy-band credits themselves with pioneering an exciting new genre of music they’ve lovingly dubbed "Crass Country." Including tunes about streaking, binge drinking, and trips to the drunk tank, this brand of songwriting could only be stories taken directly from the pages of the sad memoirs of this ragtag group of weirdos.

Fuzz Fiction.jpg

Fuzz Fiction

Bringing an authentic sound to the city of Moncton, Fuzz Fiction delivers tones of a time when music mattered to an audience of hip and inspired youngsters. The neo-psychedelic rock band draws inspiration from bands ranging from Pink Floyd to Joy Division.

B+ Players.jpg

the B+ Players

These guys like wrestling a lot and they sing about it.


Jedis of funk

The Jedis of Funk are all like, "Hey we like to listen to funk and hip hop. Don't you wish you were as cool as us?" Well, don't you?


Ben Rama.jpg

Ben Rama

Ben Rama is an award-winning electronic music producer from the eastern coast of Canada. Since his debut in 2010, Ben has been steadily garnering a reputation as a world-class producer, remixer and live act. Though his 'core' style is a blend of progressive house and melodic techno , he has been known to produce in many different genres such as nu-skool breaks, hip-hop, down-tempo, psychedelic/dark minimal techno, progressive trance and 'pure' techno.



Electro-duo BITS came together as an evolution from the solo artist Jonah Haché. BITS’s live show is a mix of projection installations, sequenced to the music, occasionally with moving light bits, multi-instrumental loops and rhythmic fast hiphop words and beats, reinforced with floating ambient sounds.

Boogie Buttons.jpg

Daryl and his boogie buttons

This guy is not named Daryl and he has never seen a boogie button in his life.



DERB is a Producer/DJ from Kingston New Brunswick. He has played festivals with some of the worlds best DJ’s such as Black Tiger Sex Machine, Goldfish, BUKU, Aaron Jackson & Marvel Years. He has also played alongside maritime Dj’s such as KDZ, Apriskah, Scout, Wobble Wallah & more! In 2012, he began his travel around the Maritimes performing at festivals as well as bars. The East Coast became formally introduced to DERB.



FUNKSWAG Is a Multi Instrumentalist / Dj / Producer and Fire Dancer from East Coast Canada. Ecstatic by nature and always pushing the envelope of his creativity, he was called to central america where he joined the circus and dance became a source of inspiration. With endless hours of practice he became an Iconic fire dancer, performing at festivals and events with “Industribe Tribal Arts”. After years of playing Drums, Guitar and Bass he discovered the synthesizers and electronic music. He began composing and producing all original music incorporating live organic elements with electronic processing effects.

Wobble Wallah.jpg

Wobble wallah

Wobble Wallah Halifax's Official delegate of multicultural bass music. Expect sounds from the far reaches of India to the sweaty beaches of South America all mashed together by a true Maritimer.


Markus Burke.jpg

Markus burke

- Pro wrestler - Animal lover - Human hunter - World traveler - Podcaster - Bulldog owner - Maritimer - MMA enthusiast - Vegan warrior!!



Since 2012, Titus has been the current reigning and defending Innovative Hybrid Wrestling Champion. He has also been the face of the promotion since its inception in 2005. He is considered to be one of the top performers in the Maritimes, which many attribute to his tour in England and Wales.


Julien Young

The former two time IHW champion, as many know, boasts his “9 years” of amateur and Greco-Roman Wrestling. It was his early battles against Titus where he was able to show off his extraordinary talent. 

Remi P..jpg

Remi Petit

The big man is agile for his size and has a vast list of signature moves, including the fall away slam, Full nelson sit out bomb, Samoan Drop, Black hole Drop, Senton Bomb, Big Standing Splash, Avalanche in the corner and his finisher, the Spear! 

Chip Chambers.jpg

Chip Chambers

Chip Chambers is the current IHW TV Champion.

Kris Hicks.jpg

Your Country Idolris Hicks

Know your place and shut your face! 

Live Artists


Lysanne Lombard

Lysanne Lombard grew up in Dieppe N.B Canada. she moved to Halifax N.S in 2010 to attend a four year fine arts program at NSCAD University. Lysanne completed her bachelor of fine arts with a minor in drawing.after completing her BFA, Lysanne returned to Moncton where she is currently working out of. Lysanne is active in continuously creating art works, and having various showings as well as live performances. Lombards work vary in subject matter and material.


Emily Danger Powers

Emily paints fun, colourful, weird animal-human hybrids.


Chelsea Gauvin

Originally from Moncton, New Brunswick, Chelsea Gauvin works primarily in oil  paint and mixed media collage. She graduated in 2014 from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where she received a Bachelor in Fine Arts that included a minor in Art History. Chelsea worked in a number of different mediums including ceramics, bookbinding, jewelry, fashion, photography, print making, collage, installation, foundry, and wood work. NSCAD provided her with the tools to develop a well-rounded understanding of Craft and Fine Art where she could obtain new techniques best suited for her creative endeavors. 
Chelsea's work primarily explores the human condition, specifically internal conflict and identity. She sees her work as a condensed narrative illustrating, more often than not, something troubling turned silly and ridiculous. This allows her to work through personal adversity as a form of therapeutic/comedic relief. 
Chelsea has returned to her hometown after a 5 year study period in Halifax where she continues to paint and collage, combining found materials, colored paper, colored pencil, graphite, paint, etc. 


Sam Richards

Let him take you on  a journey.


Hil Lefrank

Hil Lefrank is a tiny alien living and working in Moncton. Her artwork frequently features the use of bright color, pattern and bizarre subject matter that comes from a few portals that have opened up in her pantry among old boxes of oats and bags of flour. She is often found wearing a tinfoil hat, trying to communicate with her alien brethren and enjoying the portion of her life she plans on living in Moncton before she can get back to the motherland.


Nicky the ink slinger

Nicky is a tattoo artist and she likes Star Wars.