Loserville is a limited ticket event, we limit tickets to 200 in order to ensure we continue to provide the intimate experience that people have come to expect of the festival and also because we are terrible business people and make it our duty to never turn a profit.


When you buy a ticket online you will receive an email shortly thereafter confirming receipt of payment. If you don't immediately hear back from us then don't panic, we will be in touch. Seriously, don't freak out, we've been doing this for a few years now, we aren't all of a sudden going to start stealing people's money... but then again... that sounds like a pretty sweet idea..


If you'd prefer to buy your tickets in a physical store… welcome to the new Willenium, bitch, buy them online! If you still insist on buying them in store keep an eye out and we may announce details of where to buy physical tickets if we don’t sell out.